Baton Rouge Bicycle Rentals, LLC


            Baton Rouge Bicycle Rentals (BRBR) was recently founded in June of 2012 by New Orleans natives Gaston Gravois and Denise Bostick.  Having lived in Baton Rouge since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the owners noted the need to make it easier for visitors and locals alike to get around Baton Rouge and avoid the major traffic snarls, especially during events held in and around L.S.U.  Because downtown Baton Rouge is small enough to be easily navigated by bike, and because the L.S.U. campus is a scenic and pleasant bike ride away down the Mississippi levee bike path, cycling is a much more efficient and enjoyable way to travel than by car.  Cycling, of course, is also better for the environment, provides recreation and entertainment, and saves customers time, traffic aggravations, and money on gas and parking.

            What sets Baton Rouge Bicycle Rentals apart is service-free delivery of rental bikes in the morning to your hotel within the delivery area and free pick-up at the end of your rental period.  BRBR not only provides you with a comfortable cruiser, helmet, and lock, but also provides a local map showing cultural and historical attractions, event locations, and the best restaurant and watering holes on your route.  Let Baton Rouge Bicycle Rentals show you the best way to get around Baton Rouge or get to and from your local event.  There’s an easier way, and this is it!